Aug 25

How Not to Present An Argument

I recently ran across a post browsing through my “Calvinism” sparks links in Google + and ran across this excerpt that was reply by a person, named David. David, I am choosing to address your comment, not because I strive … Continue reading

May 14

Emacs Cursor Movements

In this weeks segment on Emacs wizardry let’s learn some of the basic cursor movements so you can move around your Emacs buffer faster than the speed of light. Keystrokes Command Name Action C-f forward-char Move forward one character(right). C-b … Continue reading

Mar 01

Exporting Your Kindle Library

As much as I love the Kindle that I received this past Christmas, there are certain things that I have found wanting. Recently one of my Facebook friends asked me what books I had on my Kindle. I thought, “This … Continue reading

Nov 18

Installing Nmap from SVN on Ubuntu 10.10

If you are an Ubuntu user and simply cannot wait to get the latest nmap features, follow the procedure below. Throw this into a file and call it, ‘build_nmap’ and copy it to the /etc/cron.daily directory and you will have … Continue reading

Nov 13

The Genius of Puritanism

The Genius of Puritanism by Peter Lewis My rating: 3 of 5 stars Thought this was an excellent summary of Puritan thought and how necessary it is for the church never to forget the tokens of grace that they have … Continue reading

Nov 13

Thoughts on Van Til: Scripture & Philosophy

From Van Til’s “The Defense of the Faith”: “But to engage in philosophical discussion does not mean that we begin without scripture. We do not first defend theism philosophically by an appeal to reason and experience in order, after that, … Continue reading

Nov 09

The Doctrine of Repentance Book Review

The Doctrine Of Repentance by Thomas Watson My rating: 4 of 5 stars As is the case with most of Thomas Watson’s books, the exegesis of scripture is superb and the practical advise that he offers is timeless. This book … Continue reading

Oct 26

Blackbox Engineering & Ordo Salutis

I think any rationale person would agree that in order to understand anything you need an adequate of the thing being discussed. For our purposes we will be referencing “thing” as a system. Our model will be simple. We will … Continue reading