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Happy Meal Toys are Evil! – Well, according to the government at least

It seems that the latest attempt for the government to inject itself into the obesity wars has commenced. As one might expect and as parents have said already, that it is not the job of the government to override the parents competency to decide what is best for their children. Is the government really concerned about the health effects of fast-good on our children? No, I don’t think so and the reason is that if they can begin to regulate the contents of a happy meal, what is next? What about McDonald commercials? What about billboard signs? As you can see this is just part of the bigger plan, which I believe is to gain control over corporations, the media, and all of the other enterprises that America has attained, because of our constitutional freedoms upon which this nation was established. Do not be surprised if you will see more proposals for amendments to the constitution to make this possible.

IQ Option Review | How to Use the IQ Option Demo?

IQ Option is one of the top-rated brokers available in the world of binary options robot. It offers you high security with the guarantee in protecting the invested funds in the broker of finance market. If you are looking genuine review of IQ option Binary Software then you can Read IQ Option Review here. IQ Option broker is licensed broker regulated by CySEC, and the IQ Option broker is available in the trading app over 20 countries. In this Post, I will share information with you on how to use the IQ demon Account.

How to Use the IQ Option Demo?

IQ Option is one of those brokers that offer various types of services ranging from the highly developed platform to low minimum deposits. Using the IQ Option Demo is one of the accounts that is free and provided for testing your trade skills and master your strategy.

It is entirely free any risk, and you learn how to earn money in the finance market using it. Here, I will explain you in steps on how to use the free IQ Demo Account.

Step 1: At first, start trading in the IQ Option Demo by making the selection of assets of the broker.

Step 2: As you will see all the assets are sort by profit margin which will analyze and direct the price movement and also make sure to use the future rate by making a proper decision.

Step 3: Now check on whether it will be high or low then the present one, and then specify the amount of investment you are about to make, take care of the expiration time of the option as well.

Step 4: If you wish to buy the option you will need to use the call button by clicking on it, and then click on the next button i.e. click on the put button. Soon the timer will be displayed on the screen and then see how much time is left for expiry to get complete.

Step 5: Apart from the previous option you can purchase some options into any amount of price. Now you can start buying an option in the free IQ demo account to start making the trade.


If you might have noticed, that at the time of the expiration of the option in the IQ Option Demo account. You are displayed on the screen i.e. the amount of profit of money at the window of the demo account. Usually, the win amount of the successful trade will be credited to your broker linked account balance.

Death of Google Wave?

Looks like the lifespan of Google Wave has a life expectancy of about another year and it will be dead as a standalone project according to Google. According to Google they have not seen the level of use adoption that they would have liked. What does not make sense is how they describe the use and initial acceptance that Wave received. I’m beginning to sense a pattern with Google as this is similar to what happened with the Nexus phone when they decided to stop manufacturing them less than year after they were released to the public. What gives? Google opens it up to the masses, offers open-source API’s and less than a year later they dump the project?

Personally I’m going to take all their additional products and services with a grain of salt as the new stuff they offer seems to be about as stable as an egg in a blender.

Thoughts on Van Til

I just finished reading an excellent book by John Muether on the life of Cornelius Van Til. it really was a really great read and a humbling one as well. From the recesses of the farm in Indiana that he grew up with and there was some entertaining parts as well. One that I found most comical was when Van Til was a child he decided it would be fun to shoot the neighbors chickens with a slingshot and there was the story of the his pastor wanting to rebuke him with a oven poker for causing mischief.

As he reached adulthood however his calling to the ministry of Christ became apparent with his sound intellectual gifts, talents, and zeal for the Lord. It is ironic how many similarities that are found between Van Til and Machen and the the vehemency with which his enemies attacked him. I got the impression it was almost an identical fight that Machen had with the liberals that were simply called neo-Reformed in which they were not really reformed, but attempted to pass themselves off as such. The attacks against his integrity were especially unfounded and there is case after case of his warm humility to all he was engaged with. His zeal never to compromise the “Christ of the Scriptures” is a lesson that the 21st century church needs to hear. Once you realize that any reinterpretation of Jesus is to deny the Christ of the Bible and thereby to shipwreck your faith. Van Til understood this and always remained consistent to this purpose. Those who were on the other side often judged him as intolerant and often attached more severe nouns to his name that I will expound on.

The final point to note is the synergy between Van Til the apologist and Van Til the churchman. He was always faithful to the church by means of pastoring the church that he was part of at every and any point that providence placed him. He was very faithful to the teaching of Sunday school and catechizing the children he was responsible for instructing. This is something that his critics never addressed and a good reason why he is so misunderstood.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to gain a greater understanding of the man, Cornelius Van Til.