Bible Reading Plan

I have been following the following plan to read through the Old Testament once every year and the New Testament 5 times each year. I’ve been following this plan over the past 12 years or so and it has served me well as it tends to keep in sync OT and NT readings where appropriate. It was taken from Matthew McMahon’s, “A Puritans Mind” website, so all the credit goes to him. I think this format will serve readers better as the one in its current form is someone cumbersome due to each months readings being broken down in to different web pages.

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Buying Ammo Online

Since firearms sales have been skyrocketing since March 2020 due to the Rona and riots in some of the US larger Democrat controlled cities, I routinely hear, “Where can I get Ammo online? The local gun shopshave been cleaned out?” A perfectly legitimate concern as a firearm isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have either any ammo or enough to fight off 25 Antifa thugs surrounding your house.

So here’s a list of places I’ve bought from online that I haven’t had any issues with.