Happy Meal Toys are Evil! – Well, according to the government at least

It seems that the latest attempt for the government to inject itself into the obesity wars has commenced. As one might expect and as parents have said already, that it is not the job of the government to override the parents competency to decide what is best for their children. Is the government really concerned about the health effects of fast-good on our children? No, I don’t think so and the reason is that if they can begin to regulate the contents of a happy meal, what is next? What about McDonald commercials? What about billboard signs? As you can see this is just part of the bigger plan, which I believe is to gain control over corporations, the media, and all of the other enterprises that America has attained, because of our constitutional freedoms upon which this nation was established. Do not be surprised if you will see more proposals for amendments to the constitution to make this possible.