Time Wasters to be Avoided

Richard Baxter gives some sound advise to follow of thieves that should be avoided:

Thief I: One of the greatest time-wasting sins consists of idleness or sloth. One only needs to read the book of Proverbs to see this point expounded. Remember that you run for the immortal crown; and therefore see that you lose no time, and look not at the things that are behind;

Thief II: The next thief or time-waster is excess of sleep.

Thief III: The next thief or time-waster is an inordinate adorning of the body. This would include clothing, jewelry, and the like.

Thief IV: Another time-wasting thief is unnecessary pomp and curiosity in retinue, attendance, house furniture, provision and entertainments, together with excess of compliment and ceremony, and servitude to the humors and expectations of time-wasters.

Thief V: Another time-wasting sin is needless and tedious feastings, gluttony, and tippling. O remember, while you are eating and drinking, what a corruptible piece of flesh you are feeding and serving; and how quickly those mouths will be filled with dust! and a soul that is posting so fast to eternity, should find no time to spare for vanity; and that you have important work enough to do, which is performed, will afford you a sweeter and a longer feast.

Thief VI:Another time-waster is idle talk.

Thief VII: Another thief which by the aforesaid means would steal your time, is vain and sinful company. Remember, assimilation begets association.

Thief VIII: Another notorious time-wasting thief, is needless, inordinate sports and games, which are stigmatized by the offenders themselves, with the infamous name of pastimes, and masked with deceitful title of recreations; And to think that they sold that precious time for a little fleshly sport, in which they should have been working out their salvation , and making their calling and election sure.

Thief IX:Another time-wasting thief is excess of worldly cares and business. Not much needs to be said of this as there a plethora of examples within our society.

Thief X: Another time-waster is vain ungoverned and sinful thoughts.

Thief XI: Another dangerous time-waster sin is the reading of vain books , play-books, romances, and feigned histories; and also unprofitable studies, undertaken but for vain-glory, or the pleasing of a carnal or curious mind.

Thief XII: But the master-thief that robs men of their time is an unsancitified , ungodly heart; for this loseth time whatever men are doing;because they never intend the glory of God;