Sep 18

Installing Emacs on Ubuntu 10.04 from Source

Here is how you can compile the mother of all editors on Ubuntu 10.04 from source: 1. Obtain the source archive for Emacs from 2. Open a Terminal in Ubuntu and type: A. sudo apt-get install build-essential libxpm-dev libgif-dev … Continue reading

Sep 11

Review of Always Ready

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was a most excellent book as to how the Christian should be ready to defend the faith and I think it’s the … Continue reading

Sep 07

MacArthur on Driscoll

Dr. John MacArthur articulates the fundamental problem with the vulgarity of Mark Driscoll’s approach to preaching. I have listened to some of Driscoll’s sermons and everytime I do, I end up wanting to vomit his repugnant language to Mars. ESV: … Continue reading

Sep 05

Focus on the Family Ditches the Gospel for Secular Morality

Just ran across this from the Crosstalk Blog and had to re-read the article a couple of times. You can also read it here. It’s great they want to promote abstinence, but what happened to the great commission as stated … Continue reading

Aug 25

My PGP Public Key

For those of you actually know what encryption is and how to use it, here’s my public key to send secure transmissions. —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux) mQINBEx0a1MBEADLUM0L68NzlwJ+TWDKLhAcxPpf07qjW9uEkRVilCiUFreGzBUr XyKjIFo4KncFesVME9vfS67ODH4iWyjch1hjNKkgJf43f8hwN+mFntIyv0gv6V/n 4MV13i9oHv3JhmpkoZRMxeIbV9yt9mwtQLcw84TohX+r3NMYDut8MrKSgnmSi7ET DU5wqKG/6jsUlJgKJ82x4666pVgzSbSMYxmcHdkGKCzMJvBpO1hqc8tieON8BDs7 RIkUWmacNwW1Pb2ovrZBYKbVdSccHM/pc8Jd2kEhan8HZT8G6fnIjTb4ESzrE+GX XpTgorHBWgUYjGKvGx7rqd1sQvyBw+oO4cjpve7eRi2LdJ64u5TifZ5Yo5fYyw2J e+hk/clBqZhcHR9mnE5ch6oBjA/RjFq+K/qFWHQLJ8wblORnlE6iFq1edvAHEDDM PxXXiUCAqBab3iVRKHrF9hKaIRO7ObNmvDzurUbTlv8Ii9yXXxENNnJlNbKOVw92 0DTB+IkvhxlXHnjPjU20fAM3cFDi7JQNnC4fxrAJ7iiqRBqFKDqLDkBITuGK6Tqw … Continue reading

Aug 17

Happy Meal Toys are Evil! – Well, according to the government at least

It seems that the latest attempt for the government to inject itself into the obesity wars has commenced. As one might expect and as parents have said already, that it is not the job of the government to override the … Continue reading

Aug 05

Death of Google Wave?

Looks like the lifespan of Google Wave has a life expectancy of about another year and it will be dead as a standalone project according to Google. According to Google they have not seen the level of use adoption that … Continue reading

Aug 04

Thoughts on Van Til

I just finished reading an excellent book by John Muether on the life of Cornelius Van Til. it really was a really great read and a humbling one as well. From the recesses of the farm in Indiana that he … Continue reading

Jul 30

The Mystery of Providence

I just finished reading an excellent book by John Flavel, entitled “The Mystery of Providence” and I think he offers some very relevant advice for Christians in the 21st century. One of the most profound maxims is how important and … Continue reading